A high end digital recording studio with a heart of analog


Who we are:

Lodasia Sound is high end digital HD recording studio located in Richmond, California owned and operated by John and Eric Urbach. Having a long history of musical endeavors, we felt it would be natural to open up a recording studio at some point. Well that dream has slowly become a reality.

From the first record I made, I was immediately interested in the art of recording. After we got a few things together, I spent everyday in the studio working on mic placement approaches, EQ and compression techniques, and a variety of mixing workflows. Since then I have recorded a bunch and love every second of it. With that experience in mind, I know what it takes to make a great sounding record.

However, I am more interested in working with an artist to help them fulfill their vision. To me, the point of recording is to make a document of the music you have spent time perfecting. My goal is to respect that effort and provide a recording that YOU'RE happy with and best represents YOU. I love how fun it can be to see a song grow and come to life. I want to share that excitement with the artist. That being said, we can be as hands on or hands off as you want us to be. It all depends on what your looking for so lets chat about it!


We have a top of the line HD digital recording setup that works for every style of music and workflow. Generally, a session starts with the band tracking their songs together all in the same room. After the basic tracks are down, we move on to overdubs, and finish with the vocals. Some bands want things to sound perfect and record everything to a click, while others like to capture it the way they have been hearing it in the practice space. Both approaches are valid and welcome! Our goal is to make the recording process as conformable as possible, so you can focus on making your music come out the way you want out of the speakers. This is your record, and it's important to us that you leave feeling excited about what you've made and pumped about releasing it.

When it's time to mix, we employ a hybrid of the analog and digital tools we have at our disposal. We tend to introduce as much "analog vibe" as we can by sending the mix or individual tracks through our outboard gear. This process tends to add back many of the desirable characteristics that digital recording tends to lack. We want the recording to benefit from the best digital and analog methods have to offer, to achieve the best possible outcome! If you have any specific questions about the overall process, hit us up and lets get nerdy!


Probably the most common question we get is "Can you master our record as well?" This is shortly followed by "What is mastering?" For most people who are unfamiliar to the recording processes, this is the step that seams to be the hardest to grasp so I'll do my best to give a quick explanation. Mastering is the final step in the recording process that prepares the tracks for the desired format you wish to release your music. Depending on the mix, it can be a very heavy handed process to a simple volume nudge. Typically a mastering engineer will also construct the flow of the record. 

Mastering engineers listen for very specific things and utilize gear specifically designed for mastering. It's closer to a science then an art form. We are not mastering engineers and we usually recommend contacting someone who does this work specifically.

That being said, it's becoming increasingly common for the recording and mixing engineer take on the mastering process as a cost and time saving measure, and we are happy to now offer this service. I don't pretend to be a mastering engineer with significant experience, or the best gear for the job. What I do have is a desire to master, a good set of a ears, and the ability to offer you something quality with a price that is affordable! If that works for you, then it works for me! If not, we have an extensive list of engineers who do this work specifically that fit most budgets and are happy to provide recommendations.

Get in touch with us to discuss your project and see what we can do for you.

Special thanks to Matthew Kadi for the photos!