Photos And Equipment List

Equipment list:

Recorder: Apple Mac Pro

Software: OSX with Pro Tools HD10, UAD-2, Waves, and Soundtoys Plugins

Interface:  Digidesign 192 (2)

Monitors: JBL LSR4328P Bi-Amp Monitors

DAW Controller: Euphonix MC Mix (2)

Channel Strips: UA 2-610, UA 6176, UA LA610MK2, SSL X Logic Alpha Channel (2), Chameleon Labs 7602 (4), Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII with Zen Pro-Mod (2)

Mic Pres: WA-412

EQs: EQP-WA (2), Little Labs VOG (2)

Compressors: DBX 160A (2), Chameleon Labs 7702 Stereo Bus Comp.

Analog Summing Mixer: Phoenix Nicerizer MKII

Microphones: Neumann KM184 (2), AKG C214 (2), 70s AKG D12, 60s Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser MD421mkii (2),  Heil PR30(2) , Audix D2 (3), D4, D6(2), Shure SM7B, SM57 (3), SM57 w/transformer-less mod, Rode K2 Tube Mic, Cascase 731R ribbon mic w/ luddell transformer (2), Homemade Subkick.

Drums: DW Collecters Series 6 Piece Drum Kit, 60s Slingerland 3pc kit,  DW Collecters Series Snare, Urbach CST Mahogany Snare, 80s Pearl Brass Snare, DW/OCDP hardware. DW5000 single chain pedal, Iron Cobra double pedal.

Amplification: 90s Marshall Super Lead "Plexi" 100w MKII Reissue, Orange Thunderverb 200, Fender Bassbreaker 45, 73' Fender Bassman 410 (silverface) w/blackface mod,  Ampeg V4B Reissue, Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior, Orange Tiny Terror, Olde Crow 4x12 and 2x12 guitar cabs, Fender Custom shop 4x12 guitar cab, Ampeg 6x10 bass cab, 70s Marshall 4x12, 70s Ampeg V4 4x12 Cab.

Instruments: Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro, Gibson Les Paul Traditional, Maton Mastersound 503, Fender 1959 Stratocaster LTD Reissue, Martin DSR-GC Acoustic, 2007 Fender American Std. P-Bass, Yamaha Motif Keyboard, Mele Ukulele and various stomp boxes.