Services And Rates


What we provide:

We are a full service recording studio, which means we can help with any step of the recording process including pre-production, recording, mixing, or mastering. We can take on any of these processes individually or help you through each step. Every recording project has a different goal, and our rates tend to vary based upon the project. We encourage you to contact us to discuss what you would like to do and we can go from there!


As mentioned in the "About" section of the website, we have recently started offering mastering to our clients. Mastering is an important part of the recording process, and we usually recommend working with a studio that does this work specifically, but maybe you already think your recording is great and you just think it needs a few tweaks, or don't have the cash to spend in a flagship mastering house. If that's your situation, then we are happy to fill your need. Rather then competing with these flagship mastering houses, our goal here is to provide an inexpensive, but high quality mastering option for artists on a budget.